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(Updated on 5/17/22)

We “udderly” appreciate your interest in Cow-A-Bunga Ice Cream Catering for your event.


Our Moo Crew are the finest young people around and we aim to bring a smile to your event by scooping up happiness with our “MOO-licious” ice cream.

Currently, we are only catering pre-scooped individually wrapped cups.  This is a great option for any event (i.e. celebrations, birthday parties, etc). You can easily order online or you can contact us directly for additional questions or needs.


If you are a school or a non-profit we do offer tax exemption and a discount!
Please email Carrie Yantzer at for details.


Thank you for being a part of our COW-A-BUNGA HERD!


  • Prices for 1 to 99 individual cups (menu price):

    • Mini Moos $2.50 each

    • Mamma Moos $3.75 each

    • Dbl. Mammas Moos $4.75 each

    • Big Daddy Moos $5.50 each

  • ** If delivery is needed, a $25.00 charge will be added to the order.

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