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Cowabunga Creamery LLC is a local, family-owned business!

Jason and Carrie Yantzer both come from educational backgrounds. Carrie has been in education for 29 years and spent the last 23 years as a school principal. Jason has been a teacher for 20 years and currently teaches at Lyons High School and is the head varsity football coach.


We love serving others and we love ice cream. Therefore, it is a perfect marriage for us to continue serving others by sharing ice cream happiness!



cow-a-bunga story

Ice Cream



Cow-A-Bunga began as a Mobile Unit 5 years ago!


We wanted to help the schools that we served by offering fundraising opportunities with delicious ice cream sales. And with two beautiful girls entering high school, we wanted to supplement our educators' income to help them attend college. Plus, Carrie has always dreamt of owning an ice cream business!



As a family, we are crazy about cows! We have been farmers and ranchers for most of our lives. We have raised our own cattle. The sound of a cowbell is a symbol of family and friends gathering! Cows seem to bring a funny joy to a person’s life, so why not name our business Cow-A-Bunga?!


moo crew

Our MOO CREW enjoys making you smile! They are hardworking, positive, fun - and have incredible GPAs (grade point averages, just ask them)!  We are proud of each member of our MOO CREW Family.  They do an excellent job of representing their schools from St. Vrain Valley School District and Boulder Valley School District.



We are incredibly proud to be small business owners that serve local products.

We have worked hard to build our mobile business over the past 5 years and what resonates with us most are the incredible people we meet and the long-lasting bonds we have created!


We are passionate about how ice cream can bring communities together. Our goal is to “Promote Global Cooling - One Scoop At a Time”!

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